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Are you interested in participating in one of Cameron’s group psychotherapy programs?

Cameron is not currently accepting new clients

Due to very high demand, Cameron has closed his books to new referrals until April 2022. Should you wish to book for a session after that time, please use the contact us form and we will be in touch to book you an appointment.


Session 1-2

Will be a lot about getting to know you, your history and the nature of your current strengths and challenges. If Cameron is the right therapist for you, you should feel this in the first one to two sessions – you should sense that he is someone whom you trust and who you feel comfortable with, and that his approach feels like the right fit. If you don’t feel like this, then please consider going back to your GP and asking them to refer you elsewhere.  

Session 3

In the first three sessions you should get the sense that I am starting to develop a solid understanding of you, particularly with regard to the main challenges that you have. At this point we should develop clear goals for our work together and should develop a shared sense of how we are going to go about achieving what is most important to you.

Session 6

Is a natural time for reviewing how you are feeling about our work together, and the progress we are making towards the goals that are important to you. Before your 6th session Cameron will re-administer measures that you filled in at your first appointment. Should psychotherapy continue past this point you may need a new letter of referral from your GP where applicable. 

July 1, 2021- 30 June, 2022 Mindful Therapy Fee Structure

The Australian Psychological Society recommends a fee of $267 for standard appointment (46-60mins). Please see our current fee schedule below.

Service   MTPS Fee Rebate Gap
50+ minute session with Mental Health Care Plan $205 $129.55 $75.45
30+  minute session with Mental Health Care Plan $115 $88.25 $20.20
Chronic Disease Management / EPC referral (30 minute session) $115 $55.10 $37.05
Couples Sessions  $165 No Medicare Rebates Available NA
Self-funded sessions $165
NDIS / WORKCOVER / DVA As per applicable schedules NA


Cameron can bill on a sliding scale by arrangement and can bulk bill where severe financial pressure is present

Exactly as it already appears

$80 late-cancellation / no-show fee where less than 24 hours is given for a cancelled appointment, except by arrangement