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Cameron is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in mindfulness-based CBT interventions. He has worked as a sessional lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast and as an ‘Early Intervention and Parenting Specialist’ at Queensland Health. Cameron is committed to combining his expertise in mindfulness with great resources, a love for attachment theory, and a passion for understanding his clients goals and experience. He has a bias towards ‘learning by doing’, ‘feeling feelings’ and ‘better self-talk’. His approach combines behavioural, relational and cognitive components to help clients function better in their relationships and with themselves. Cameron also services Queensland Ambulance Service staff through the Priority One program, in addition to working with clients supported through DVA, the NDIS and WorkCover.

He has taught other psychologists in every state of Australia

He has facilitated 250 mindfulness classes and workshops

Cameron has conducted over 11500 1:1 sessions with clients


Watch a very low-fi presentation where Cam talks about 6 principles for mindfulness and wellbeing. This presentation touches on some of the most important topics as it relates to psychological resilience.