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8 week group program

Taming your anxious mind

“From worry and fear to greater confidence and capability”

If you suffer from any of the following…

Problems with sleep

Feeling stressed

Close to panic

High levels of worry

This program may be helpful to you!

This program is designed to help you gain…

More confidence

in managing your anxiety


More tools

to use in the moment


More wellbeing

as a result

Watch to glimpse a preview of what you will learn!

“Learn core skills in managing anxiety in a supportive environment, with great resources, over 8 weeks.”

Course overview

Anxiety is the most common psychological issue in the world today. In the level 1 ‘Befriending Anxiety’ program we introduce participants to the ‘4 Skills of Mindfulness’. When put together, the 4-Skills represent a comprehensive emotional toolkit for reducing the negative impact of disturbing emotions, particuarly anxiety. As the course unfolds participants will be encouraged to use the 4-Skills to build an array of positive emotions to promote quality of life and peace of mind.

Week 1

Mindfulness as a toolkit

Week 2

Understand anxiety

Week 3

Mastering the breath

Week 4

Better self-talk I

Week 5

Better self-talk II

Week 6

The 5-step sequence

Bonus week 7

Mindfulness for enhancing social confidence

Bonus week 8

Bringing it all together for a happier you

Course fees

Option 1

Option 2

With a Care Plan from your GP


$0 Bulk Billed


Optional Online Companion Program for $80



(includes Online Companion Program)


NDIS and organisational sponsorship options may also be available.


Online Companion Program

The online program is an essential part of getting maximum benefit from this program. It will include the at home practices that will scaffold your ability harness the full benefit of mindfulness for reducing your anxiety and improving your quality of life.

Weekly recap of each lesson

6 meditations


6 concepts sheets and mindfulness downloads

Weekly emails

The cost of the online program is $10 per week (for 8 weeks), or $70 if paid now up-front.

Your facilitator Cameron Aggs

Cameron is a Clinical Psychologist practicing out of Eclipse Medical Centre in Maroochydore, Queensland. Cameron's primary interests include the applications of mindfulness  for supporting psychological health and interpersonal functioning. Cameron is a published author with  'Counselling and Psychotherapy Research' (U.K). He is previously a lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast and has facilitated more than 250 mindfulness workshops in Australia and in the U.K. His passion is for breaking down mindfulness theory and practice and delivering them to participants in ways that are memorable, intuitive and easy to apply.

Cameron’s programs are evidence-based!

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