Mindful Therapy Academy

8 week group program

Taming your anxious mind

“From worry and fear to greater confidence and capability"

Week 1—Mindfulness as a toolkit

Your homework this week…

Print out the 4-Skills worksheet

Watch the recap video

Do the greeting meditation

In this program you will learn

The 4 Skills of Mindfulness

The 4 Skills represent a comprehensive emotional toolkit for reducing the negative impact of disturbing emotions, particularly anxiety

Skill 1

Hacking the breath

When it comes to real-time stress management, the benefits of hacking the breath, cannot be overstated. The power of the breath is that it is something that you take with you everywhere you go, and can harnessed in every situation you are in, to radically alter the body’s fight and flight response.

Skill 2

Acknowledge your feelings

There is no escaping the occurrence of anxiety producing circumstances in our lives. Allowing and acknowledging the range of your emotions – including anxiety, anger and disappointment can actually reduce the disorienting impacts of your difficult emotions.

Skill 3

Treat yourself as a friend

Your thoughts take place as a kind of inner-conversation. The quality of your inner conversation massively impacts your resilience across your career. Supportive self-talk is the key to staying well even in the midst of set-backs and stressful situations.

Skill 4

Observe, name and nurture

Learning to observe our thoughts and feelings as mental events is a very important part of our toolkit. This can help us feel more in control when anxiety strikes. If we can describe our feelings this also and also the content of what we are thinking, this can help us feel calmer and more emotionally safe.

Practise time : Greeting meditation

Instructions: Follow along with the guided meditation as best you can. Notice how in one moment you are the person sending the greeting and in another moment you are the one being greeted.