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Cameron is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in mindfulness-based CBT interventions. He has worked as a sessional lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast and as an ‘Early Intervention and Parenting Specialist’ at Queensland Health. Cameron is committed to combining his expertise in mindfulness with great resources, a love for attachment theory, and a passion for understanding his clients goals and experience. He has a bias towards ‘learning by doing’, ‘feeling feelings’ and ‘better self-talk’. His approach combines behavioural, relational and cognitive components to help clients function better in their relationships and with themselves. Cameron also services Queensland Ambulance Service staff through the Priority One program, in addition to working with clients supported through DVA, the NDIS and WorkCover.

Research agenda

2020 is the 10 year anniversary of the publication of Cameron’s scientific paper on “Teaching Mindfulness to Clinicians”. To mark this occasion, Cameron would like to author a new study – this time as a practicing Clinical Psychologist examining the impacts of the ‘8-Week Befriending Your Anxiety’ program.

In essence, Cameron wants to know how effective this course is in reducing anxiety symptoms among course participants, and the factors that predict greater wellbeing.

Important points

  • Participation in the research is completely voluntary
  • You can withdraw at any time
  • Cameron won’t know if you opted in or out
  • You will be provided more detailed information before being asked to opt in or out.

Cameron’s programs are evidence-based!

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Opt-in or out

Course funding

This program is being bulk-billed if you have a current, valid referral.

The cost for self-funded participants is $230

At the end of the course there will be a series of resources that you can purchase should you so desire.

Evaluating your experience

As part of our commitment to medicare and other funding agencies, and as part of our commitment to best-practice standards, we apply psychological measures at the start and finish of the program.

These regular checkins do not take long. Stay tuned for full details!

Your commitment

Whilst you can opt out of the research at anytime we ask that you not sign up to the 8-week program unless you can commit to the full program.

As part of your participation in the program you also agree to fill out the weekly measures. This is something that you need to commit to, whether you are participating in the research or not.

8 Weeks includes 90 minute class + 30 minutes of homework = Greater confidence and capability!